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Survey: The most expensive hotels in the world

Updated: July 27, 2017

The Seychelles, an island grouping off the coast of East Africa, is home to the world’s most expensive luxury hotel. A recent survey conducted by came to this conclusion after comparing the cost of luxury accommodations across the globe.

In coming up with the rankings, the survey focused on the main summer travel months of July and August 2017. The minimum price a vacationing couple will have to pay to stay overnight at a particular hotel or resort served as the basis of comparison.

A nightly rate of $6995 for its least expensive room put the Seychelles’ North Island Lodge in the survey’s top spot. This luxury private island resort has a prime location in the heart of the archipelago. A private island resort on Figi’s Taveuni Island takes the number two spot on the survey. A rate of $5700 per night positions Laucala Island as the survey’s runner-up.

The African nation of Botswana boasts three safari lodges that share the number three slot. Minimum overnight rates of $4710 apiece make them third most expensive in the world. The USA’s most expensive accommodation is a luxury guest ranch in Montana. At a nightly price tag of $3210, The Ranch at Rock Creek ranks ninth most expensive globally.

Following are the 10 most expensive hotels in the world. The rates listed are based on the lowest available price for a vacationing couple to stay in each respective hotel during the months of July and August 2017.

Rank   Name of Hotel   Location Avg. rate/ night
1.   North Island Lodge   Seychelles $6995
2.   Laucala Resort   Fiji $5700
3.    Khwai River Lodge   Botswana $4710
3.   Savute Elephant Camp   Botswana $4710
3.   Eagle Island Camp   Botswana $4710
6.   The Brando   French Polynesia $3947
7.   Fregate Island   Seychelles $3637
8.   Clayoquot Wilderness Resort   Canada $3347
9.   The Ranch at Rock Creek   USA $3120
10.   Le Dune, Forte Village Resort   Italy $2851
11.   Four Seasons Tented Camp   Thailand $2772
12.   King Pacific Lodge   Canada $2634
13.   Amangiri   USA $2499
14.   Turtle Island   Fiji $2499
15.   Morukuru Family   South Africa $2483
16.   The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch   USA $2460
17.   MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa   Seychelles $2310
18.   Villa del Parco, Forte Village Resort   Italy $2179
19.   Queen Charlotte Lodge   Canada $2062
20.   Belmond Hotel Cipriani   Italy $1871

About the Methodology:
The survey was conducted in June 2017. For all luxury hotels, the lowest available price, on average, a couple would have to spend to stay at each respective resort was established for the months of July and August 2017. Private island resorts and safari lodges were also considered as hotels and were included in the survey. Only those accommodations offering a minimum of 10 rooms were considered. The rates were taken from the respective hotels’ websites, were requested by phone or were drawn from the leading hotel-booking sites. In all cases, the lowest available price was used in tabulating the results.

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