A guest room in the hotel offers sweeping views of Toronto.
Feature: Trump Hotel, Toronto

By Nichole Osinski - September 21, 2015

What exactly makes a hotel stay unforgettable? Is it a grand layout—vaulted ceilings, rich textures, modern amenities? Or is it those characteristically personal touches—pre arrival requests, dishes prepared to your tastes, city excursions set up for you each day? The Trump Toronto seems to think it’s a combination of the two, and even a bit more. This 5-star hotel has become more than just a place to stay but rather a setting where guests have found their second home and an experience that brings them so much closer to the city set as its backdrop.

The Attraction of Toronto Toronto might be most scenic when viewed from Lake Ontario as the sun is setting. This is when, on a clear day, the sky turns into a kaleidoscope of colors, the building lights start reflecting on the water, and you can imagine all the possibilities this Canadian city has to offer. Just beyond the harbor on the corner of Bay Street and Adelaide is an impressive structure with views that rival those of the surrounding buildings. This is the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, one of the many eponymous developments that have come from the mind of the man himself, Donald Trump.

This development, like the other hotels Trump has conceived, has the same magnitude of luxuriousness that embody a well-thought place for guests that expect nothing but the best. But the advantage that this hotel holds over the others is of course its location in Toronto. Not only are guests rewarded with the grandeur of the hotel itself but access to attractions and events like the Toronto International Film Festival, which has drawn in some of the industry’s top names from around the globe. The city also houses a number of other events and attractions that cater to every taste, from foodies to art lovers to history buffs. With so much to do in this popular city it’s no wonder visitors want an exceptional stay; something the Trump hotel has perfected in more ways than one. “The overall vision of the hotel is to deliver personalized, customized service where the guest is at the center of it all,” said General Manager, Mickael Damelincourt. “Our residential-style hotel should feel more like a home-away-from-home than a hotel, a place where our guests look forward to returning and as if being welcomed into their own home.”

Perfected Accommodations Not to be outdone by the rest of the city’s architecture, The Trump demands to be seen and ensures this with a spire that rises 900 feet above Toronto’s financial and entertainment districts. From here on out the 65-story hotel follows this same outspoken boldness that has been drawing in waves of guests since it was first launched in the beginning of 2012. Each of the 261 guest rooms and suits welcome guests with a modern ambience highlighted by a color palette inspired by champagne and caviar, a nod to the sophisticated feel the designers were most likely hoping to capture. While some guests are satisfied with the 550 square foot rooms, many others have been opting to live a bit more spaciously with the Trump Sky Suite, which boasts a living space of more than 2,300 square feet.

This two-bedroom suite, situated on the 40th floor of the Trump Residential Tower, is grandeur at its best making it that much harder to leave your room. Stepping inside the suite is one half hotel and another half home away from home. At first glance it’s easy to get swept up in the the oversized windows, artfully arranged decorations, and a dining space meant for a small party. But once the luggage has been set down and you have taken a few turns around the room the word comfort comes to mind as you find furniture that is actually enjoyable to relax on, a kitchen that is more cozy than confining, and views that might make you imagine what it would be like to live here.

A Personalized Touch On the same level is an equally striking suite highlighted by the same classy taste but with one unique feature in mind: wellness. Designed for travelers who put fitness as one of their top priorities, the Trump Wellness Suite features a complete package of gym equipment, from yoga mats to a Technogym stationary bike, all within your very own workout room. Guests are also provided with fitness apparel and footwear from Under Armour throughout the entire stay. These tailor-made amenities extend throughout the rest of the hotel, especially within the spa and wellness facility, which is spread amongst two levels. Here you have access to a unique zero-edge natural salt lap pool that has a reduced chemical footprint due to its natural features. If you still want a more customized workout you can book a session with one of the hotel’s personal trainers. This personalized treatment doesn’t stop at the gym. Enter the Trump Attaché service where daily tasks such as walking your dog or choosing the right place for dinner are taken care of. Part of the Trump Hotel Collection, this service focuses on individual predilections by recording past preferences of guests later referenced when you return. Needing a night out? You might find yourself with tickets to a Cirque du Soleil performance or a rink-side seat watching the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“New and returning guests to Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto can expect the highest standards of service excellence prior to and during their stay,” said Damelincourt. “From personalized service delivered by our talented Attaché Team through to insider recommendations provided by our Clef D’Or Concierge, the hotel creates truly unique experiences.” When it comes down to it, the Trump Toronto may be a hotel but it has managed to do something few have done: incorporate the city it calls home with its own very unique, very personal flair.