A view of Barcelona from the hotel’s infinity pool.
Feature: Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

By Nichole Osinski - May 25, 2017

The Grand Hotel Central is exactly what it’s name means. It’s an impressive building located in the heart of Barcelona and within walking distance to some of the city’s most iconic pieces of art and architecture. This is where you’ll take in panoramic views of the city from its pool then find yourself winding through the very streets you were looking at a minute later. Guests at the Grand aren’t just visitors to a city, they become a resident, whether for one night or several weeks. And with rooms that make you feel like a celebrity and food that will make you linger at the table, it’s no wonder so many have begun to feel like this could be a second home.

City Center Living Barcelona has a magic unique to itself in a country filled with the exotic and breathtaking. The best way to experience that one-of-a-kind enchantment? Pluck yourself from the nearest airport, bus terminal or roadway and head for the center of the city where the Grand Hotel Central waits. A product of the sumptuous years of the 1920s, the structure was the result of Adolf Florensa who is known for his work on the City Hall and the Palace of Telecommications and Transportation in the city. Though many of the building’s original features, such as stairs and doors, can still be seen, it has been updated to fit the needs of the 21st-century traveler. The five-star hotel stands proud among the Gothic quarter, where you can visit a famous cathedral and the older side of the city.

The Grand is also flanked by the Borne, a neighborhood known for its fashion-forward boutiques, restaurants and bars. Not all of us are inclined to stay on the city streets and the hotel even accommodates for this. Just a short jaunt down those same corridors visitors can find themselves standing on the sands of the Ramblas and the Paça Catalunya that have become a favorite for celebrities and regular beachgoers alike. Once your return from the waves you’ll find yourself in one of the hotel’s 147 rooms and suites with wooden floors and electric shutters. Guests are given seven different room types to choose from depending on what size is wanted and what view of Barcelona is preferred.

Barcelona Journeys While Barcelona is meant to be enjoyed by foot, you should take advantage of exploring the city with a little help from the hotel and its staff. For those who want to keep their feet on the ground and pick up the pace at the same time, get a running route from one of the knowledgable staff members so you can hit the road to see the best of Barcelona and burn off those calories from the strawberries and cream desert at the Grand’s Skybar. Or you can rent a bike for free from the hotel and feel like a native Barcelonian as you peddle to the Park Güell to see Gaudi’s sculptural buildings and beyond to the La Boqueria market.

The hotel even lets guests have use of a private car a driver to take you to your destination. The chauffeur service is best for the evenings when you’re dressed up to go to the Gran Teatre el Liceu to watch an opera such as La Traviata or Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde. Of course, anyone who is planning a visit to Barcelona knows art isn’t just within the opera. One of the city’s main attractions is the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, which holds some of the artist’s key works that were done in his formative years living in the city. Because the pieces are rotated each year, visitors will get a chance to see something they might not have expected. In 2015, there were 584 pieces present at the museum. However, another highlight that is less permanent art and more gastronomic-centered is the food. Here you can get lost in a foodie paradise where pinchos, tapas-like dishes, reign king. The small portions make it easy to try more varieties of Barcelona’s take on the Basque-inspired food. This means you might find yourself nibbling on savory pork one minute and biting into melted provolone and ham the next.

All the Perks Even though there is enough to do in this beautiful city to keep a traveler busy for years, every person that comes to Barcelona needs some time for themselves. And the Grand Hotel Central has just the right amenities and special extras to keep you balanced and energized for the next day. A special feature of the the Grand is its library. Situated at the hotel entrance, the library is meant to give visitors a quiet space or provide an inviting area for a private party. And for anyone who isn’t up for a trip to a museum can simply walk a few feet over to The Talent Gallery, which features works by upcoming artists.

Relaxation also gets taken to a new height at the hotel’s pool. It’s common for an upscale hotel to have a breathtaking pool but the Grand’s might just take your breath away. Ranked one of the the top 10 pools by Harpers Bazaar, this infinity pool gives you a sweeping view of Barcelona while you sip on cocktails from the adjacent Skybar. Or you can head over to City Bar where bartenders concoct quenching drinks like the Mosco y Lola with vodka, black pepper and Ear Grey tea. But a stay at the Grand wouldn’t be complete unless you wrapped it up at The Wellness Suite with a spa treatment. Because there’s no better way to look back on your day in Barcelona than by closing your eyes while relaxing in the hamman and letting the thoughts of the city fill your mind.

Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

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