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Survey: The most expensive hotels in Madrid

May 29, 2018

The five-star Hotel Villa Magna, situated in Madrid’s chic Salamanca neighbourhood, is the city’s priciest accommodation option, according to our latest survey.

The survey compared rates at every upscale hotel across Madrid in order to produce the findings. Comparisons were based on the cost of the cheapest double room during June 2018 – the time of the year when hotels in Madrid tend to charge their highest rates.

Visitors considering a stay at Hotel Villa Magna, can expect to pay a minimum of €446 for the most affordable double room during June – the most expensive rate anywhere in the city. Second priciest is AC Santo Mauro, where guests will pay at least €368 euros, and third is Unico Hotel, where the survey found the cheapest room to be €334.

By late next year, however, the survey’s findings could be superseded. One of Madrid’s most venerable hotels, the Ritz Madrid is slated to reopen after over a year of renovations, and when it does so is likely to reclaim the crown of the city’s most expensive hotel.

The table below shows the 10 priciest luxury hotels in Madrid. The rates shown reflect the price for the most affordable available double room in each hotel during June 2018.

  1. Hotel Villa Magna 446 Euros
  2. AC Santo Mauro 368 Euros
  3. Unico Hotel 334 Euros
  4. The Principal 332 Euros
  5. The Westin Palace 323 Euros
  6. Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques 312 Euros
  7. Gran Hotel Inglés 308 Euros
  8. Hotel Palacio del Retiro 279 Euros
  9. Hotel Orfila 264 Euros
  10. Wellington Hotel 247 Euros

About the survey

The survey was conducted in May 2018. For each luxury hotel in Madrid, the most affordable rate for a double room during June 2018 was recorded, based on prices given by a number of renowned hotel booking websites. For the purposes of the survey, three-night stays (excluding Sunday-Tuesday) were used as a point of comparison. Cheaper rates may be available for stays of four nights or more.

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